• Overview of Punjabi Grammar


The ordinals inflect for gender – masculine and feminine, and case – direct and oblique. All the ordinals are used in singular number, generally. For example, ਪੰਜਵਾਂ pañjvāṃ ‘fifth’, ਛੇਵਾਂ chēvāṃ ‘sixth’, ਅਠਵਾਂ aṭhvāṃ ‘eighth’ are all ordinals.

Various forms of ordinal ਅਠਵਾਂ aṭhvāṃ ‘eighth’ are ਅਠਵਾਂ aṭhvāṃ (masculine form for direct case), ਅਠਵੇਂ aṭhvēṃ (masculine form for oblique case), and ਅਠਵੀਂ aṭhvīṃ (feminine form for both direct and oblique cases).
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